Burdened by a big move or a recent loss? Hire an estate organizer.

SOS can reduce the overwhelming task of managing your loved one’s home if they have passed or relocated. SOS will assist you in clearing out the home, and can host an on-site estate sale.

SOS greatly reduces the overwhelming task of dealing with your own or loved one’s estate. Many families find that when the time to clear out their parent’s home arrives, they don’t have the time to commit to the project and many are grieving the loss of their loved one(s). It’s a tremendous amount of labor to clear a full home and prepare it for the real estate market. This is why we offer complete, compassionate estate liquidation.


Movers, we’ll help you pack in a way that makes sense and get belongings in order, in budget. We can assist with planning space for downsizing or upsizing, and we’ll help remove junk that doesn’t belong in your new home.

SOS specializes in hosting estate sales!
  • We remove garbage and responsibly recycle.
  • We properly dispose of hazardous waste materials (paint, oil, etc).
  • We sort through every item in the house, and clean it if it will be sold.
  • We research value then price each item.
  • We on-site manage the estate sale throughout the event.
  • We deliver donations after the sale for you to claim.
  • We clean the home so it is “market ready.”

What does a managed estate sale look like?

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