December 16, 2022

The Gift of a Helping Hand

Step one foot outside and one thing’s for sure: WINTER IS HERE. For many of us, the race to get fall cleaning done is a real chore, and so often it’s a race against time itself. Did you get your seasonal clean-up done?  If not, consider calling Smart Organizing Solutions (SOS).  We’re equipped to assist with ALMOST anything.

We say ALMOST anything, because that’s the way it looks when we introduce the expanded services SOS has recently added.

 As a team, we found ourselves asking, “How can we better serve our clients and Community, in practical ways they could really use?”

 As we thought about it more, we found ourselves talking about all the little nagging items on our “TO-DO” lists, and then asked ourselves why they don’t get done.

 For most of us the answer was, TIME, or lack thereof.  So, I ask you dear reader, does your home need attention that you just don’t have time to give?

Would you like to come home at the end of the day to a clean house, with no laundry or dishes to do? Do you have an overabundance of Holiday décor needing to be displayed but not an abundance of time needed to do it?  What about wrapping those Christmas presents, tying them up with ribbons and bows? Do your have kids who have an overabundance of toys?  Or maybe you have a garage, shed or basement with an overabundance of stuff? SOS IS HERE TO HELP WITH THAT.

Though we do charge an hourly fee, we believe our services are priceless. Our services include Home Organizing, Right-sizing, Down-sizing, Cleaning, Moving assistance and Estate sale management.

And most recently, we’ve added the part about helping people check off their “TO-DO” list.  Maybe you or someone you know could use an extra hand. Consider gifting SOS services to yourself or others this holiday season.  Imagine the smile and peace of mind it will bring. Priceless!

From the SOS family to your family, we hope you all have a fun, safe and blessed holiday season. Let the snow begin!

Call Kelly at 320.333.7733 or Julie at 320.248.6694 for a free consultation.  Mention this article when you become our next client and receive a $25 in-store credit at our thrift/consignment store, the SOS Treasure Chest at 24 7th St. N. Sauk Rapids, MN.

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