February 16, 2023

The Stories We Leave Behind

“Where did you get all this stuff, Grandma?” asked Hazel, 3 years old.

Have you ever stopped to think seriously about the story you want to leave behind, or rather how you want to be remembered? Your space and stuff at home or work can help you leave the legacy you want, and with the right resources, it’s a doable task that you can easily begin today.

One helpful tool I recently came across is a small paperback book titled, “The Stories We Leave Behind: A Legacy-Based Approach to Dealing with Stuff,” by Laura Gilbert. I spotted someone in a local historical society reading and marking up pages while sitting behind the front desk. Intrigued by the title, I asked her about it. She went on to tell me the fascinating concepts the author outlines to help the reader reorganize and pair down their “stuff.”  Things they bought, pieces they inherited, gifts they received, odds and ends in the attic, and so on.

As I paged through the book, immediately I loved the simplicity of each chapter:

1. Lost Stories

2. The Story of Stuff

3. Choosing and Telling Legacy Stories

4. Putting it All Together

5. Living Among Your Best Stories

One of my favorite parts is the activities section at the back of the book. A page titled, “Stand and Consider” asks the reader thoughtful questions to help them specifically survey their space.

1. What themes, personal values or characteristics are reflected in your stuff (e.g., family, adventure, art, entertaining)?

2. Which themes do you consider important to pass on; to be part of your legacy?

3. Which items tell those stories efficiently and meaningfully?

So, how do you want to be remembered, and what story tells that legacy? Does your home and the belongings in it shine in the spotlight they deserve, or is it clouded with clutter and excess?   If these are questions you want help in answering, Smart Organizing Solutions can step in today and assist. We provide basic transition services for people all over central Minnesota who are looking to downsize their property, and right size their space, for whatever reason.

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