October 16, 2021

What’s So Great About SOS?

There’s an old adage that says the more things change the more they stay the same. This general truth came to mind as I thought about my three years of work experiences with Smart Organizing Solutions (SOS). While the SOS mission has been a bedrock of stability, it’s ultimately the mix and magic of marvelous clients who motivate me to come to work each day.

With SOS there is a genuine care and concern for the client that starts at the top; it’s coupled with a genuine desire to work with people in a way that best meets their needs, goals and objectives. It’s the rewarding opportunity that each client brings us as we aim to provide a job-well-done.


For instance, at one client’s home the day began with her seeming surprise in seeing our SOS team. With a hint of embarrassment she stated, “Aw you came back. I wouldn’t have blamed you if you didn’t.” Confused, I asked her why, and she quietly explained that her house was such an overwhelming mess. She then wearily wondered out loud just how it could ever get cleaned up and organized like she wanted. Recognizing her feelings of uneasiness, I reassured her we were there to help, and there was no need to worry. SOS specializes in bringing order to a mess.

Another client I see on a regular basis often tells me how thankful he is that someone comes to help him, and he appreciates the company. Though mostly independent, he is limited in his physical abilities and relies on SOS for household cleaning assistance. In the beginning he was cautious, not knowing me, yet having to trust me in his living space. And now, like old friends, the time flies. He talks, I clean. And before I know it, the hands on the clock tell me it’s time to go!

Still, there are other jobs I recall where the client was not on site in the home. For various reasons they moved out. SOS was hired either by the home owner or a proxy to clean and host an onsite estate sale, ultimately preparing the home to show and sell, all in a timely manner.

Regardless of the people and the whereabouts, working alongside Julie Braun and her SOS team has been a meaningful, worthwhile experience. The genuine care and concern for clients is the hallmark of quality that attracts me, but it’s the many and wonderfully different clients that keeps me reporting for duty each week.

-Meg Sobieck

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